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Math - Financial Literacy question
What is an advantage of using debit to pay for purchases rather than credit?
  • A) You have time to pay off your purchase
  • B) You do not pay interest on your purchase
  • C) You can return your purchase anytime

WazzCards feature highlights

> Select and share a card deck from our grade 3-8 subject library
> Use WazzCards stand-alone or in addition to any video-conferencing tool
> Increase your engagement rate
> Receive results on student performance from your virtual session

What Is WazzCards

Teach from a multiple-choice deck format with a real-time view of your virtual classroom. See how kids respond to and engage with the selected deck’s questions, all in a real-time setting.

Reflection of student response

Learning and engagement are easier for students. Correct, incorrect or no responses are clearly differentiated.

  • Easy Accessibility

    Connect to Wazzcards via Google Classroom or your personal Google email account using Google sign-on.

  • Engagement with real-time results

    > Track student’s progress on a question by question basis
    > Receive class results after the virtual session
    > Upload results to Google Classroom

  • Keeps kids engaged

    WazzCards provides a solution for teachers now facing engagement and participation issues. Teach in a real-time virtual classroom to increase engagement and support with your lessons.

  • History
  • Math
  • Geography
  • Language
  • Health
  • Science
  • Financial Literacy
  • More subjects and grades to come

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